Mobility Report, Aug 1

ZYB for Online Backup and Access ZYB released a free online service for the backup of mobile phone data (contacts, calendar), and the selective sharing of that data with friends and colleagues. ZYB is a unique service that works with more than 200 different mobiles and does not […]

Team Collaboration Report, Jul 28

Jabber XCP 5.1 Jabber updated its instant messaging and presence server, the Jabber Extensible Communications Platform. Version 5.1 includes a new Javascript client, integration with Macromedia Breeze, wider database engine support, and more. Available immediately. Source: Jabber Tags: enterprise+im, jabber+xcp Exchange as Appliance The Microsoft Exchange team is […]

Mobility Report, Jul 28

SearchMobileComputing Reviews Palm OS SearchMobileComputing posted Part 3 of its review on mobile platforms for the enterprise, with its focus this time on Palm OS. Key analysis points: Some industry experts say that Palm is facing an uncertain future, and needs to change to stay relevant in a […]

Friends Report, Jul 24

I’ve had the privilege of meeting two new people in the last week, either as a result of my work or as a direct consequence thereof. Chris Brogan … lives on the East Coast of the US and writes frequently about self-improvement and creativity on his own site, […]

2.0 Report, Jul 24

Ken’s Take on Why Web 2.0 Matters to Business Ken Yarmosh has written a collection of posts about why Web 2.0 matters to businesses. Key reasons are: Ken defines Web 2.0 as “an attempt to build the web around people instead of technology”. It offers improved knowledge collection, […]

Team Collaboration Report, Jul 19

Stuart Henshall on the Future of Online Collaboration Robin Good interviewed Stuart Henshall, editor and publisher of the Skype Journal, one year ago, and last week posted the interview. The focus is on the future of online collaboration. Key points: Real-time online collaboration is increasing; the ease of […]