Weekly Roundup of Everything, Sep 18

Team Collaboration Applications Roundup Softalk Update … Softalk released an update of its WorkgroupMail email server software. Features in Version 8.1 include anti-virus, anti-spam, content filtering, auto-archiving of all sent and received email, and multi-domain hosting, among others. Available immediately. Target market is SMB. SourceWire Kudos on Zimbra […]

Weekly Roundup of Everything, Sep 13

Team Collaboration Applications Roundup Steven Shifts to Collanos … Steven Tedjamulia announced that he’s now the VP of Product Management and Strategy at Collanos, a peer-to-peer collaboration software company that supports multiple platforms. Steven was previously the Senior Knowledge Manager at Novell. Steven expects to continue with his […]

Weekly Roundup of Everything, Sep 9

Team Collaboration Applications Roundup Return from Shifting to Email+Word to Blogs for Project Work … Traction Software referenced the benefits a couple of its customers are getting through the adoption of blogs for managing projects. One customer replaced Email and Word documents for document review with a blog, […]

Boys at the Violin Concert, Aug 30

(2.5 MB, Quicktime format) On Wednesday night, the boys were playing in the Darfield Primary School’s Music Festival at Kirwee. I videoed one of their contributions from the back of the hall. (Note to Self: Recording a video from the back of the hall whilst trying to hold […]