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Mobility Report, Aug 1

ZYB for Online Backup and Access
ZYB released a free online service for the backup of mobile phone data (contacts, calendar), and the selective sharing of that data with friends and colleagues.

ZYB is a unique service that works with more than 200 different mobiles and does not require any installation of software. ZYB allows users to store an unlimited number of contacts and calendar entries and access them online from anywhere in the world. If a user is unlucky and loses his mobile, all he has to do to get his data back is to sync a new mobile with his ZYB account.

Data in a ZYB account can be synchronized with multiple devices, including iPods. Available immediately, in beta.

Source: ZYB

Mobile CRM
Providers of hosted CRM solutions are adding mobility extensions to their wares.

Last week, San Francisco-based released new mobile functionality based on its acquisition of Sendia, a one-time partner and mobile application developer. That follows last month’s release of eMobile from Entellium, a Seattle-based startup that is taking on established SaaS CRM vendors such as and NetSuite. Entellium’s release features a sliding menu that allows users to navigate the system with just a thumb — similar to Apple’s popular iPod.

Some customers are finding that they can leave the laptop back at the office and do everything they need on a small form factor device. (My next article in Messaging News focuses on mobile access to collaboration systems, including CRM; the article isn’t out just yet).

Source: SearchMobileComputing

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