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Team Collaboration Report, Jul 19

Stuart Henshall on the Future of Online Collaboration

Robin Good interviewed Stuart Henshall, editor and publisher of the Skype Journal, one year ago, and last week posted the interview. The focus is on the future of online collaboration. Key points:

  • Real-time online collaboration is increasing; the ease of audio and video communication has improved.
  • Presence isn’t finely grained enough; additional capabilities to (a) add location and (b) have specific presence settings for a subset individuals and groups are needed.
  • Each person carries a responsibility for educating their collaborators on how best to collaborate and work with them.
  • Desktop video conferencing is poised for huge growth.
  • … and a lot more …

The interview is available as an audio download, and Robin has been nice enough to provide a full transcript.

Source: Kolabora

Open-Xchange White Paper
Open-Xchange published a white paper that investigates AJAX and collaboration software.

The Position Paper explains how collaboration software in general, and Open-Xchange Server specifically, must have supporting technology first if it hopes to help organizations to respond to competitive pressures and achieve their strategic goals.

The paper is available for download from Open-Xchange.

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Yahoo and Microsoft Span IM Communities
Yahoo and Microsoft started public beta testing of an interoperability solution between Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger with Voice.

Consumers worldwide from Microsoft and Yahoo! will be able to take advantage of IM interoperability and join the limited public beta program. They will be among the first to exchange instant messages across the free services as well as see their friends’ online presence, view personal status messages, share select emoticons, view offline messages and add new contacts from either service at no cost. Yahoo! and Microsoft plan to make the interoperability between their respective IM services broadly available to consumers in the coming months.

This has been a long time coming … good work to all involved. Now we just need some other networks included too …

Source: Microsoft (hat tip, Peter)

IBM and DoD Agreement
IBM announced a major contract with the US Department of Defense for collaboration services.

The work is a key part of DISA’s Net-Centric Enterprise Services (NCES) project to provide one consistent service for collaboration that can be used by personnel across the DoD. These services will enable real time information sharing through the use of an on-demand IT services structure, based on open standards and a secure hosted environment …. As part of the initiative, IBM will provide a variety of capabilities including instant messaging, low-bandwidth text chat, web conferencing and persistent chat rooms. Instant messaging and web conferencing both include audio and video support, while web conferencing adds shared whiteboards, desktop/application sharing, and the ability to invite non-DoD personnel to web conferences. The chat room capability includes capturing user messages and activity over time in a shared area. Chat rooms enable users to review activity and associated documents independent of other users.

Good to see the guys from Instant Technologies included too.

Source: MarketWire

TANDBERG Desktop Videoconferencing
TANDBERG released the Centric 1700 MXP, a high-definition desktop videoconferencing system. Supports up to four-way conferencing.

The 1700 MXP features CD-quality audio, integrated High Definition camera, and 20″ flat-screen monitor that seamlessly switches between your PC content and brilliant, high-definition video calls for an unprecedented level of interaction and collaboration with your entire organization.

Available immediately.

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