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Round-Trip Editing in Connections Content Manager

As part of the announcement around Mac Sync, Luis from IBM also mentioned that round-trip editing is available for Connections Content Manager:

IBM Connections Content Manager (CCM) users can now do round-trip editing. This means that while they are browsing for files in a Library, users can click on “Edit” in the browser and the file will open with the user’s favorite local editor. For example, a Word document, will be opened with the desktop app of Office 365. When the user is done editing, they simply close the local app and the file is then automatically saved and uploaded back to server.

In my book Doing Business with IBM Connections (2013) and the workshop that goes with the book, the lack of round-trip editing has been a significant pain for the document co-authoring scenario; people are generally in a state of disbelief that IBM Connections hasn’t supported it. This is good news then, and although it is limited to Libraries (in Connections Content Manager for the moment), it portends good things are on the way for Files and Community Files. At least that’s what I hope it means.

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