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Using a Stylus with an iPad; a Roundabout Way of Getting There

While there some styluses for the iPad to allow pen-like interaction directly on an iPad screen, my experience with them has been less than optimal. Another approach that’s been recently introduced is the integration between the Livescribe 3 pen and the Noteshelf app for the iPad. As the video above describes, once you pair the Livescribe 3 with Noteshelf on your iPad, anything you write in your notebook is automagically synced into a notebook in Noteshelf.

It’s an interesting take on the merging of paper and digital, and I’m sure it will find resonance in some markets. You get the feel of paper and writing with the added benefit of an automatic digital representation.

My take: it seems like a hard way to get a stylus to work with an iPad. If you want a digital pen on a tablet, go for a Surface Pro 3.

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