Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint for Document Collaboration – a PleaseTech Study

PleaseTech, a vendor of document collaboration and review software / services, undertook some research last year into what users and IT professionals thought of SharePoint for document collaboration. It has released a white paper that summarizes the findings, including:
– the types of issues people experience on a multi-person document review.
– the reasons why people would consider using an alternative document collaboration solution.
– … and more.

Key findings were:

1. Most business users are involved in document creation and review, and, whilst many are satisfied with their current processes, nearly all experience issues and would consider an alternative solution.

2. Business users and IT professionals differ in their opinion as to whether SharePoint is widely used within their organization. As a result, potential user adoption is a key determining factor when considering alternative solutions.

3. SharePoint is considered to provide the necessary generic collaboration capabilities required. However, it was also noted that expectations are low as to what constitutes collaboration.

4. Despite being SharePoint advocates, respondents had a realistic view of SharePoint. Whilst one could have expected a more enthusiastic endorsement of its capabilities, this leads us to believe that there exist good opportunities for third party applications to provide specific advanced functionality, and therefore enhancing the overall SharePoint system.

You can download the whitepaper from the PleaseTech site.