Video Conferencing Where You Work

On The Smarter Office, I posted on video conferencing where you work:

A couple of reports this week paint an interesting picture on the adoption of video conferencing equipment and approaches in the enterprise. According to a Deloitte study of 250 CFOs, making more video conferencing equipment available is a high priority, in order to reduce travel costs and the associated impacts. But it’s the Infonetic Research study that throws an interesting angle on what’s going on out in the market: organizations are de-emphasizing room-based video conferencing equipment (including full-immersive telepresence equipment) and shifting more towards video-enabled desk phones and desktop video devices. Throw in the tremendous traction gained by Apple over the past 18 months with the iPad 2 and iPad 3, and you have the makings of a new story: video conferencing where you work, not where you go to have a meeting.

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