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Collaborating in Office 2013

On The Smarter Office, I posted my thoughts about the updated / enhanced / new ways of collaborating in the upcoming Office 2013:

It’s one of Microsoft’s regular big years this year, with a whole swath of updated products coming to market in line with Microsoft’s three or so year product development lifecycle. These updates are important to Microsoft’s revenue generation for the next few years, and Microsoft’s partners hope they will ignite a buying frenzy of new hardware, complementary systems, and professional services support. Windows 8 is coming in October. Two versions of the recently announced Microsoft Surface tablet will follow over the subsequent three months. SharePoint 2013 is coming. And Office gets a massive update. While the updates coming in the new Office are too many to elaborate on in this post, I want to look briefly at how Microsoft is further building collaboration capabilities into the heart of Office. It’s not a new movement by Microsoft, but rather a continuing journey of enabling people to treat Office as a collaborative canvas.

It’s early days following the public availability of a near-final review edition of Office 2013 last week, but here’s the four main things I noticed about collaboration capabilities in Office 2013 …

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