Mountain Lion More Phone-Like: Simplicity, Security, Syncing

Pete outlines three advantages of desktop computers becoming more phone like, with the first being simplicity. He notes the downside too:

The main reason Apple wants to make Macs work like the iPhone and iPad is simple. Or rather, simplicity.

Despite decades of innovation and the invention of the graphical user interface, computers remain too confusing and complex for the majority of people.

While more powerful software with complex functionality will continue to exist for highly technical users, most consumers want a device that’s easy to use and intuitive.
The rise of the iPad and iPhone prove that there’s huge demand for such simplicity, and that desktops too will need to become more streamlined.

The downside of simplicity? Simple systems are often less “open” and provide less freedom to try new things: Tasks are either easy to complete (because the developers thought of that use case) or not possible at all.

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