The Kingdom Series

My older kids have had Volumes 1-4 of the Kingdom Series for probably a year, and I’ve often seen them reading them. Chuck Black, the author, recently slipped two additional books into the series, making a new #4 and #5, and in doing so promoting the previous #4 to #6.

The Kingdom Series novels are Biblical allegories that are set in a medieval time period. They cover the span of time from Genesis through the 2nd return of Christ. They are full of action and adventure where swords, knights, and battles are all Biblically symbolic. The allegory teaches Godly character, the adventure captures the imagination of all ages, and the action keeps teenagers engrossed from cover to cover…even non-readers! They are GREAT read-alouds! Deep symbolism with an action story makes excellent reading for ages 8 to adult. The series is one continuous story with characters that portray courage, loyalty, discipline, and honor.

The two new books arrived last week, and the older kids devoured them. I had to have a read myself, and once started, I couldn’t put them down. I read three of them on Sunday, and had the other three done by Tuesday morning. They were brilliant … captivating … deeply challenging … I highly recommend them for children and adults alike.

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