Wanted: Consultant for Practice Management System Evaluation in New Zealand

One of my clients works for an accountancy and tax advisory firm. His firm is looking for a consultant in New Zealand to help them choose a practice management system.

The following aspects about the consultant are important to the client:

– They know about business intelligence and reporting.
– They are good at capturing requirements for management reports.
– They have previous expose to practice management systems, including APS and MYOB Accountants Office.
– They are vendor-neutral.
– They have worked on similar projects before.

Does anyone spring to mind? Please let me know.


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  1. I would offer but I’m hardly independent having sold APS in the mid-1990s then implemented it at an accounting practise in the late 1990s and having a strong aversion to MYOB

  2. not impossible, but the independence angle makes it difficult for someone to have domain knowledge as well as you naturally form a bias in a niche market like this … can’t think of anyone off the top of my head