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Rebooting the iMac … Some Items to Share

My computer has 105 open tabs in Safari, and I need to restart it (which hasn’t happened for … at least two weeks). So … here’s some of those:

Thinking about Collaboration Inside
– Fredric writes about the emergence of the social intranet, and some of the challenges inside organizations.
– Sheila from Cisco talks about the Cisco approach to collaboration, as expressed in Cisco Quad. She says that the communication and video aspects of Quad are a “killer combination.”
– Jason comments that strong inter-personal relationships are key to IT project success.
– Dion writes about who should be in charge of Enterprise 2.0. His answer: “we” not “I”.
– If you want to achieve B, don’t reward A (PDF from 1995).

User Adoption
– Datango offers a suite of tools to support the introduction of a new application inside an organization.

New Product Announcements
– The makers of 5pm released SmartQ, a visual project board that supports multi-step processes. SmartQ includes the ability to customize data capture forms.
– Microsoft announced Office 365, a replacement for BPOS. It will include SharePoint, Exchange, and Lync. eWeek has more detail. Due in 2011.
– Atlassian updated Confluence, its enterprise wiki, with enhanced editing and navigation support.
– Cisco released WebEx Meet, a free online meetings service for small businesses.

Random Things
– Seth says it’s no fun being a novice, and to ship while you are still learning. While stage 3 (expert) is great, too few people ever get there.
– HP shares 25 tips for smarter meetings. Some tips apply to longer projects too.
– Mark suggests that if you are facing a roadblock, ask whether you can control it or not, and then act accordingly.
– CNN argues that Microsoft is dying as a consumer brand. What happens in the consumer world comes across to enterprise IT.
– Jacob talks about his use of the iPad, and what is and isn’t working for him.
– Peter looks at the challenges of migrating from one collaboration system to another, in this case away from Lotus Notes.
– Procrastination is the death knell for dreams, projects, and goals. Start it now!

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