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April Fool’s Day

I was subjected to a number of April Fool’s Day pranks today, as recounted by one of my sons:

Happy April Fool’s Day! Last night and this morning provided a lot of laughs for me. A younger brother stuck my mouse to the mouse pad with blue tack, and my sister hung a pink and blue dress on the clothes hooks I recently put up in my room. My older brother also switched around the drawers at my computer. Here’s a few of the pranks I pulled:

  • Hiding my dad’s biking/running gear in the washing machine
  • Replacing my dad’s phone with a toy one and his computer mouse with a Lego rat
  • Putting a tiny computer screen on my dad’s desk in front of his much larger one
  • Removing the refill from a brother’s pen
  • Pulling out all the plugs on another brother’s computer
  • Changing my mother’s desktop background—a picture of our family—to the same picture with my youngest brother’s face pasted over everyone else’s
  • Texting “Happy birthday” to a friend

And a few more, which were funny but not quite appropriate for public mention. All in all, today has been a great day for laughter and pranks, and I’m happy with what I’ve done this April 1st. That doesn’t mean I’m going to refrain in the American April 1st, though… Hey. It’s only once a year. Might as well play it to the fullest.

Actually, when I came into my office this morning I was rather slow to notice the changes. I thought there were all good logical explanations for what had happened (a little kid left the toy phone on my desk, another son wants to get rid of a monitor, my mouse needs to be charged, etc.), but it did finally dawn on me that I’d been pranked.

Thanks Matt, I guess 😉

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