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When is a Laptop “Lightweight” and Thus Doesn’t Have To Be Stowed During Take-Off and Landing?


I’ve traveled a bit with Air New Zealand recently, and one of the wording changes during most safety briefings onboard is that you can keep using certain gadgets during take-off and landing. The words said go something like this:

Since you are onboard an Airbus A320 (or Boeing 777-300), lightweight handheld electronic devices may be used in flight mode during take-off and landing. Heavier items such as laptops must be put away in your carry-on baggage, and put away in the overhead bins or under the seat in front of you.

With the availability of lightweight laptops, when does a laptop fit into the previous definition versus the latter? For example, are these lightweight devices or heavy laptops?
– Apple MacBook 12, 0.92kg
– Apple MacBook Air 11, 1.08kg
– Apple MacBook Air 13, 1.35kg
– Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with keyboard, 1.1kg
– Lenovo X1 Carbon, 1.3kg

I guess airlines such as Air New Zealand are talking about the borders and boundaries between these definitions, and the elasticity thereof.

Where do you think the boundary should be? “Handheld” (therefore laptops are excluded), or “lightweight” (therefore some laptops are included)?

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