Conference Notes

Keynote at the Digital Workplace Conference NZ

In 5 weeks I’ll be up in Auckland for the Digital Workplace Conference. In addition to the two workshops I will be presenting, I am delighted to announce here that I will be presenting the opening keynote for the conference.

Change Management for Digital Transformation

Achieving digital transformation requires the right combination of both – digital and transformation – as well as the inclusion of a few other elements. Digital enables transformation, but transformation requires more than just the availability of digital tools. In the context of Office 365, and drawing lessons from leading organisations here and abroad, let’s construct a framework for approaching digital transformation, and an appreciation of how change management is the core discipline for enabling a successful journey.

It was a great honour to be invited to present the first keynote, and I’m looking forward to presenting on the above.

(Debbie and her team at ShareThePoint say this is the 21st conference across the region, and the 8th conference in New Zealand. I counted back to check, but yes, I was there at the very first one in July 2009; and actually, it was at that first event that I released my second book SharePoint Roadmap.)

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