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Then the Footsteps Came


Along the icy road we drove,
To the hospital for 9am, an appointment to keep.
But when we arrived she was underway.
And so we waited, and she swayed.

Swaying through the morning, we waited for the child.
Been here ten times before, knowing what to do.
The midwife encouraging the lady,
“You’re doing well. You’ll hold this baby today.”

But some hours on a darker turn was taken,
The baby’s cord not in the right place.
The furtive glances increasing in frequency,
The midwife’s words of reassurance unable to erase deepening lines of forehead worry.

With a last look of resignation and a slight nod of the head, Carolyn pushes the red button.
Then the footsteps came.
A rush of many women to save a life,
Each with a job to do, well practiced, flowing together intense and swift.

On the cliff between death and life,
It’s in the hands of George who wields the knife.
She’s delicate of frame, despite consuming voluminous medical books galore.
Enables her to be the life saver.

And much later, although only minutes had passed,
The baby is wheeled out sporting a mask.
But the oxygen needed to resuscitate,
Is no longer needed when we get upstairs with the neonate.

The lady is stitched back together again,
Although the grogginess sits as a heavy blanket for some hours.
And while she is there, I hold the little girl,
And know that in many of her footsteps yet to come, it will be up to me to bring life.

In different words:
Michael and Katrina welcomed Rebekah Carolyn Sampson, weighing 4.8kg (10 pounds 9) on Monday June 6, 2016. Born by emergency c-section at 1.44pm. Baby well. Mother recovering and joyful. A little sister for David, Matthew, Philip, Daniel, Timothy, Susanna, Jonathan, Elizabeth, Joseph, and Joshua. Many thanks to midwife Jean, and the staff at Christchurch Women’s Hospital for their care, attention, and life-saving expertise

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  1. Hi Michael, all the best to Rebekah, you and your wife for your common journey through life !!!

  2. We are super happy for the arrival of the new member of your family and to Katrina for doing the best job ever

  3. Congratulations on the new addition Michael! Every child is a unique gift of joy. My best wishes and heartiest congratulations to your family.

  4. Congratulations Michael! I had no idea you were expecting a little one to arrive in your family. We too are expecting with our second child. Due Oct 5th 🙂 Loved your words in the incredible birthing story – so wonderful as every story is completely different and magical. Best wishes.