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Daily Report for June 8, 2007

Team Collaboration

  • Trampoline SONAR … Trampoline Systems highlighted its SONAR (“Social Networks and Relevance”) platform, for identifying expertise and knowledge of relevance within and between organizations. Social Computing
  • SharePoint Conference 2008 … Microsoft is hosting a SharePoint Conference from March 2-6, 2008 in Seattle. Further details will be forthcoming. Microsoft


  • iPhone User Profile … Solutions Research Group forecast that the user population who will be most interested in the iPhone are males (average age of 31), with higher education and above-average incomes. It further believes that 43% of the first wave of iPhones will be purchased by such people in New York and California.
  • Five Gadget Trends for 2007 … ComputerWorld divines the five top gadget trends for 2007: (1) better phones, and not just from Apple … eg, the Nokia N95, (2) wireless mobile media players, (3) touch-sensitive interfaces such as on the iPhone and Microsoft Surface, (4) integrated GPS (eg, within the BlackBerry 8800), and (5) cheaper digital cameras and TVs.


  • Create Productive Time … When do you work the best, feel the best, get the most done? Identity it and capture it for critical tasks and projects. Productivity 501

Other Stuff

  • iPhone Focus at WWDC? … Tom is hoping for a focus on custom applications for the iPhone at Apple’s WWDC next week. InfoWorld
  • New MacBook Pros … Apple released three new top-of-the-line MacBook Pro models, with faster processors and better screens (using LED backlighting). The 17″ model has the option of doing 1920×1200 as a screen resolution … which has usually been reserved for 23″ LCD monitors. Kewl. ComputerWorld
  • Lizell … Ooohhh, nice stuff for setting up a workspace! Lizell

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