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Daily Report for June 7, 2007

Team Collaboration

  • Zimbra 5 … Zimbra released Beta 1 of Version 5 of its Zimbra Collaboration Suite, an email, calendaring and online documents server. It includes an extensive list of improvements. Zimbra Forums
  • Microsoft Live Meeting 2007 … Microsoft released the 2007 edition of its Live Meeting web conferencing service, with a new user interface and support for live video, voice-over-IP and rich media. It also includes support for the new Microsoft RoundTable panoramic video camera. Available June 2007. Microsoft
  • Integration with Office … announced a new integration with Microsoft Office on Windows for saving directly to a account. “We’ve released a plug-in for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher that conveniently uploads any document you’re editing to Box. After the plug-in is installed, a “Save to” link will appear in the “Add-Ins” section of each Microsoft Office application. Clicking on this button will save your file to Box, making it easy to access from anywhere, share with anyone, or keep safe for later. The plug-in is compatible with Windows versions of Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007.” Available immediately.
  • Collanos Workspace 1.1 Review … eWeek reviewed the Collanos Workspace 1.1 offering, a peer-to-peer collaborative workspace tool for Windows, Mac and Linux computers. “In eWEEK Labs’ tests, we were pleased with Collanos Workplace 1.1’s capabilities for rounding up the files, folders and discussions that comprise collaborative projects into single, easily accessible and well-synchronized spaces.” Tiffany (the reviewer) provides a number of pointers for improvements, including better alerts and notifications on changed items. eWeek
  • CallXpress 7.9 … Applied Voice & Speech Techologies released Version 7.9 of CallXpress, its unified communications offering for enterprise customers. Key features: flexible deployment alternatives (server-based, client-based, secure and simplified), user interface emulations of other systems, and new integration with IP telephony systems. Available immediately. AVST


  • HTC Touch … HTC announced a Windows Mobile 6-based device that includes a number of one-touch screen features, much like the forthcoming Apple iPhone. “Users just sweep their fingers across the HTC Touch’s screen to bring up an animated interface with three views: Contacts, Media and Applications. The views also allow finger control for scrolling on documents and browsing Web pages.” Offers support for multiple wireless technologies, including WiFi. Available immediately in some geographies. ComputerWorld
  • RememberTheMilk Offline … RememberTheMilk was quick off the mark in embracing the new offline capabilities delivered via Google Gears, and their task management Web service can now be used offline. “Anything that you do offline will be synchronized when you come back online. You can move seamlessly between online and offline modes — RTM will automagically detect when you don’t have an Internet connection, and will have your tasks ready for you. If you’re expecting to go offline (for instance, those fun-filled 14 hours flying from Sydney to San Francisco), you can also manually switch into offline mode.” Cool. RememberTheMilk


  • The Simplicity Cycle … Dan Ward recently published a new book, “The Simplicity Cycle”. It talks about his journey toward understanding simplicity and complexity after a potential purchaser of his software said, “I don’t care how good your system is. If it isn’t easy to use, I don’t want it”. Lulu Press
  • Essential Tasks Only … Leo argues that we should trim our to do lists down to their bare minimum … and thus only focus on the essential tasks that contribute to our projects, our lives, and our communities. “How do you know what’s essential? By knowing what your main goal is, and other goals if necessary. You really should focus on one goal at a time, but if you want to do 2 or 3, that’s OK too. Just don’t do 10 goals or anything. Those goals should be your essential projects. Any smaller tasks are essential if they help you accomplish those goals, and not essential if they’re not related.ZenHabits

Other Stuff

  • NetNewsWire 3.0 … NewsGator released Version 3.0 of NetNewsWire, its RSS reader for the Mac. New features: improved speed and performance, a widescreen layout, support for microformats, integration with Mac desktop tools, and the ability to post items direct to Available immediately, for US$29.95. NewsGator, see also ars technica and PC World

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