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Cultivating Collaborative Behaviour

I gave the presentation above a couple of weeks back to a small group of wonderful people, and have finally had the time today to share it here.

The presentation looks at the fundamental human practices of collaboration, and gives a series of strategies and approaches for individuals, teams and groups, managers, and executives to cultivate such behaviour in organizational life.

– slides 1-3: title, about me, agenda.
– slides 4-7: about the topic of collaboration, which is a word that be used to mean many different things (and thus cause confusion and misunderstandings).
– slides 8-9: three of the questions we should be asking within our organizations about collaboration.
– slide 10: a general definition of collaboration.
– slides 11-13: the 3 P’s model of collaboration: practice, process, and potential.
– slides 14-22: using the word “Practice” as an acronym, a list of eight collaborative practices.
– slide 23: question for discussion or reflection.
– slide 24: Title for the third agenda item
– slides 26-29: four strategies that individuals can embrace to be collaborative.
– slides 30-32: three strategies for teams and groups.
– slides 33-34: two strategies for managers.
– slides 35-40: six strategies for executives.
– slide 41: question for discussion or reflection.
– slides 42-44: closing thoughts and call to action
– slide 45: my contact details

I welcome your thoughts on the approaches I have noted for cultivating collaborative behaviour. What strategies and approaches are you embracing?

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