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Michael Sampson

Monday's Mobility Report, May 15

We, the people, are no longer tied to our desks to get our work done. We have to go and visit the people we do business with and for. We enjoy getting away from the office and catching up with friends at Starbucks or some other coffee-oriented establishment. […]

Today's Keeping Up Roundup

What are my friends up to? Tris in the Local Paper … Tris Hussey got himself in his local newspaper, regardling the blog revolution, Qumana, and working at home. Good on you Tris! A View from the Isle Rod on Windows in Planes … Ouch! Rod Drury Mobile […]

Eric Graduates from Master's College! Woo Hoo!

That most amazing technologist, eProductivity guru, and all-round-good-guy Eric Mack decided some years ago to go back to school and get a degree. He had joined the workforce at a young age, being able to offer tremendous value without a University training (I, on the other hand, spent […]

Hey Steve, We Gotta Talk

While Steve is checking in from Half Moon Bay, being thlinky (a Redmonk term for “thinking” and “linking”), and playing with TextPattern and Typo, I’m seeking to have a conversation with him about the panel at next month’s Collaborative Technologies Conference in Boston. James, also of Redmonk, said […]

A whole lot of stuff to share

On Productivity Lars on Google Ads Inside … Lars offers an interesting idea re Google ads: how about contextual ads within the corporate intranet. These “ads” could show links to relevant knowledge and services available within the organization. The resulting serendipity would play very nicely with my ideas […]

Must have add-on Mac apps

My new iMac is behaving well, and I am enjoying using it. With 2GB of RAM and the 2 GHz processor, this baby flies! Here are the add-on applications I have installed during the last week: For text editing, SubEthaEdit from Coding Monkeys For reading RSS feeds, NetNewsWire […]

Paul Graham on "Lessons for Startups"

I read a great article by Paul Graham yesterday, entitled The Hardest Lessons for Startups to Learn. The seven lessons were: Release Early Keep Pumping Out Features … this thought particularly stood out in light of my new job … “they will love you if you improve in […]