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Michael Sampson

Friends Report, Jul 3

Happy Birthday to Bruce … although no age declared. Happy birthday regardless! Bruce Elgort Power of Community … Sometimes bloggers in a community stir up a mob response to perceived injustice. Other times community members come to the aid of someone who needs a little encouragement and help. […]

Sampson Kids, Powered by Lenovo

My boys asked for a new Windows-based computer so they could run some of their Lego software. I had purchased a Mac Mini last year, but it’s the variant that doesn’t run Windows. So I rang my reseller (Michael Burry at TLC) and asked what he would suggest. […]

Letters to the Editor 2.0

The fact that I can subscribe to a number of print magazines has long been a highlight of being in business. I recall having to fight for access to them at the university library … and now, wow, they just show up every week, fortnight or month. Putting […]

Team Collaboration Report, June 28

A stack of stuff happening at the moment: Adesso Systems … Don Dodge comments on Adesso’s work in the synchronization of files and application logic. Adesso is seeking developers to build applications on top of its sync technology. Don writes: “The coolest thing I saw was a simple […]

Mobility Report, Jun 26

Visto vs. RIM Background analysis of the patent infringement suit that Visto has filed against RIM. Visto had 13 people working in Silicon Valley in 1997 on its version of mobile email. There are four contested patents, awarded to Visto’s Daniel Mendez. They cover the secure access, manipulation, […]

Friends Report, June 24

Craig Aitken Becomes a Movie Maker … My first internal customer at Telecom New Zealand, back in the mid-1990s, was Craig Aitken, head of Telecom’s messaging products. He’s done some amazing things since those days, and just yesterday announced to the world that he and a group of […]