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Friday's Friends Report, Jun 9

Eric’s LEGO Robotics Challenge … Eric challenged his girls to LEGO Robotics challenge, and posts the video of their success. Well done. Eric Mack Online JK’s Productivity Challenge … James Kendrick is running a productivity tips contest. Submit one of the best ones, and win a copy of […]

Where's the Value in Web 2.0?

In response to one of my recent 2.0 Reports, Peter Crow writes: Michael – good stuff. The real problem is that “web 2.0” is 100% meaningless to almost everybody outside the internet and ICT. Simply, most business men and “normal people” have never even heard of it, let […]

BusinessWeek on Web 2.0 in Corporate America

The most recent BusinessWeek has a special report on Web 2.0 in the enterprise, entitled CEO Guide to Technology. Robert Hof leads off with Web 2.0 Has Corporate America Spinning, offering an explanation of the term, an analysis of the benefits of corporate blogging, the possibilities for using […]

Make Information Actionable

Dave Pollard recently reflected on the lack of meaning in the information he receives, and writes: I find the vast majority of business information I receive is likewise useless and meaningless. Most of it is “best practices” or “benchmarks” — things that have presumably been proven to work […]

"Michael's Lazy Day"

Thanks to the new MindManager for the Mac, I have converted my thinking about how to have a perfect / ideal day into a mind map, and have set it as the wallpaper on my 23″ Apple Cinema Display. Daniel (6) walked in this morning and saw it […]

Monday's Mobility Report, Jun 5

We, the people, are no longer tied to our desks to get our work done. We have to go and visit the people we do business with and for. We enjoy getting away from the office and catching up with friends at Starbucks or some other coffee-oriented establishment. […]

Friday's Friends Report, Jun 2

Memorial Day 2006 I don’t live in the United States, and the US military isn’t “my” military, but I too want to say “thank you” to those that have served, and especially those that have served and have paid the ultimate sacrifice. My friends have said thanks too: […]