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Michael Sampson

Mobile News of the Week

Four key things: RIM Offers Free Single User Edition of BlackBerry Enterprise Server Visto Sues RIM for Patent Infringement Visto Prevails Over SEVEN Networks Mobile Devices for Calendaring: Input Requested See my post at the Mobile Enterprise Alliance Blog for the details. Tags: mobile+news, mea+blog, mobile+enterprise+alliance

Apple Mighty Mouse

When Apple announced their new Mighty Mouse a while back, I didn’t pay any attention. I find the standard Apple Mouse (albeit the Bluetooth wireless edition) to be fine. However, a Mighty Mouse came with my new iMac this week, and it is really cool. The most helpful […]

New "Get a Mac" Ads

Apple has a new series of ads out, under the moniker “Get a Mac”. You gotta check them out. They sure made me laugh … And then go buy a Mac! (Eric, are you listening?) Tags: get+a+mac, apple+vs+pc, eric+mack

Latest edition of Messaging News is out

Messaging News is a bimonthly print publication for the messaging professional. The March/April 2006 edition is out, and features two articles by yours truly: Four Trends for Collaboration During 2006-2010, from page 32 Microsoft Live Meeting and Live Communications Server (Sidebar), pp16-17 Other articles cover “Getting Ready to […]

Telecom Freedom looks like a good deal

Telecom New Zealand’s new “Freedom” offer looks really worthwhile. Here’s the scoop: * $10 per month for an unlimited number of calls between your Telecom home line and a nominated 027 mobile * The 027 mobile can call the home line for “free” too * Calls are limited […]

Go buy a bigger monitor

My good friend Eric Mack blogged last month about using multiple computer monitors to boost productivity. He linked to the NY Times article The Virtues of a Second Screen that explored the idea. I’ve been using multiple screens for ages now, and I can attest that there’s some […]

The times are-a-changin, even for Lars

Lars Plougmann, way over there on the other side of the world, has been blogging on “collaboration, technology and economics” on for quite a while now. I first met Lars at the Collaborative Technologies Conference in June 2005 in New York, and had spoken with him by […]

The Weirdest Thing About Becoming an Employee Again

Prior to becoming an executive at Foldera three weeks ago, I had been a self-employed consultant / analyst / advisor for eight years. The biggest difference I’m noticing in myself during the transition is this dynamic: Back-of-Mind Measure of the Consultant: Adding Value Back-of-Mind Measure of the Employee: […]

Attention Grabbers, Apr 27

On Businesss Avoid “Best in Class” … Go for one of the three ways of creating attractive returns: (1) differentiation (customer prefers your offer over that of the competition), (2) neutralization (make your competitor’s current competitive advantage meaningless), and (3) productivity (achieve same outcomes with fewer resources). Geoff […]