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Michael Sampson

Going Back to Being an Employee, Apr 19

Monday this week signalled a huge change for me … my work at Shared Spaces Research & Consulting is at an end, and I am now the Global VP of Word-of-Mouth Marketing for Foldera. I haven’t “worked” for someone else since leaving Telecom New Zealand in May 1998, […]

Attention Grabbers, Apr 19

On Writing and Speaking 4 Tips to Successful Notetaking … Four tips from an April 2005 post … (1) use a journal-formatted notebook, (2) keeping your meeting notes as a running journal, (3) use symbols so you can quickly scan your notes later, and (4) schedule time to […]

Turning 34, March 17

It was my 34th birthday on Friday, and I celebrated quietly at home with my family. The children gifted me another knight for my office desk, and Katrina gave me some chocolate and other edibles. Wider family gifts included some coffee, money for outdoor furniture, and fudge slice. […]

Batman Begins, Mar 9

There was a long period of time … perhaps 6 years or so … when I didn’t watch TV or movies, but since the debut of the Lord of the Rings, I’ve become a bit less restrictive in my movie watching. The latest item I’ve really enjoyed is […]