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Michael Sampson

Monday's Mobility Report, May 22

We, the people, are no longer tied to our desks to get our work done. We have to go and visit the people we do business with and for. We enjoy getting away from the office and catching up with friends at Starbucks or some other coffee-oriented establishment. […]

Meeting a New Brother

After dinner at home last night, I drove the children into the hospital to see Mummy and meet their new little brother. We had some lovely gifts for Mummy, a Lego set for Jonathan, and a bag of chips to eat in celebration. Each of the children had […]

"I'll have half-a-dozen, thanks"

0929 on May 22, 2006 witnessed the safe arrival of Jonathan Samuel Sampson, weighing in at 9 pounds 8 ounces. We left home at 0715 to drive into Christchurch, arriving at the hospital by 0800. An hour and a half later, we had a sixth son on our […]

Friday's Friends Report

Peter Crow Updates QuarryGroup Web Site I first met Peter back in the days when I worked at Telecom and he at Netway, one of Telecom’s subsidiary companies of the 1990s that focused on on-premises equipment. Peter was in a sales role at Netway, and I in a […]

Thursday's 2.0 Report

We, the people, use software and IT services to get our work done, to express ourselves, to speak our words. IT infrastructures, traditionally hardwired to and brittle within the enterprise, are being challenged by new waves of innovation on the public Internet that challenge long-held notions of how […]

It's all Batman's Fault …

One of my sons asked for the Lego’s Batmobile: Two-Face’s Escape (#7781) for his upcoming 9th birthday. I was at Toyworld a few weeks back, and managed to buy it without any of the boys noticing. A few days ago, he changed his mind, and said he now […]

Tuesday's Team Collaboration Report

Telstra Launches Web Contact Centre Telstra, the phone company in Australia, is working on Web Contact Centre, a communication and collaboration platform for distributed teams. The service integrates email, instant messaging, presence, voice calling, and video conferencing. Incorporates technology from Microsoft (Communicator) and Siemens (Live Connect). Target release […]

Quest Software Releases my Shared Spaces Report

Late last year, Rod Drury, CEO of AfterMail Limited, and Tim Howell, Product/Partner Manager of AfterMail, commissioned Shared Spaces to write an independent review of the new release of their AfterMail email archiving product. I have been a long term fan of AfterMail’s offering, and was delighted to […]