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Monday's Mobility Report, May 22

We, the people, are no longer tied to our desks to get our work done. We have to go and visit the people we do business with and for. We enjoy getting away from the office and catching up with friends at Starbucks or some other coffee-oriented establishment. We have family responsibilities that see us taking children to sports events during the day. And we have friends that are mobile too, and we want to keep in contact with them. Monday’s Mobility Report focuses on the tools, the technologies, and the services that enable us to be people that fully communicate while being constantly mobile. Enjoy.

Mobile Email vs. Messaging
Kathryn contemplates the difference between mobile email and other forms of messaging on mobile devices, and whether these other forms — SMS, enhanced text messaging, and instant messaging — are a better fit to the needs of the majority of the workforce. Kathryn is the Principal Analyst for Enterprise Mobility at Current Analysis, an analyst firm.

Source: Mobility Water Cooler
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Flowfinity Actions 4 Enterprise Edition
Flowfinity Wireless released an Enterprise Edition of Flowfinity Actions 4, a platform for automating business processes that field forces are engaged in. Enables the collection of data in the field by workers on RIM BlackBerry devices. This data is then put into a business process management and workflow system, for complete lifecycle management of the issue, task or item.

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RIM Widens Its Sights to Wireless Applications
Research In Motion announced plans to release a BlackBerry Enterprise Server focused on mobile application enablement, rather than wireless email. The forthcoming BlackBerry Enterprise Server for MDS Applications (how about, the “BlackBerry Applications Server”?) is focused on field service, mobile sales forces, healthcare workers, transportation and logistics personnel, and more. Enables the separation of wireless email infrastructure from wireless applications infrastructure. Available later in 2006.

Source: RIM, with coverage at Unstrung, MEA Weblog and SearchMobileComputing

RIM and IBM on Mobilizing Applications
Research In Motion and IBM announced joint initiatives to drive mobile application development and uptake by combining their respective platforms. One key aim is to extend custom Lotus Notes/Domino applications out to workers with RIM BlackBerry devices, including integrations with SAP. Both companies are also working on better technical alignment, including support for Lotus Notes encrypted email. Finally, RIM has a special promotion for IBM customers: a free 10-user edition of the RIM Enterprise Server 4.1.

Source: RIM, Free BES Offer
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Palm Treo 700p
Palm released the Treo 700p smartphone, a variant of its Treo 700 line running Palm OS 5.4.9. The 700p works on the CDMA network for fast data speeds, includes a 1.3 megapixel camera and camcorder, supports SD memory cards for memory expansion, and can operate as a wireless modem for laptop users. Available via Sprint and Verizon Wireless in the first instance. Includes out-of-the-box support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 via ActiveSync. Good Technology also announced that it will work with its GoodLink wireless email server.

Source: Palm (press release), Palm (product page), ComputerWorld (news coverage), ComputerWorld (first look), InformationWeek, Good Technology

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