Meeting a New Brother

After dinner at home last night, I drove the children into the hospital to see Mummy and meet their new little brother. We had some lovely gifts for Mummy, a Lego set for Jonathan, and a bag of chips to eat in celebration. Each of the children had a cuddle with their new sibling:

David (10) meets Jonathan.

Matthew (8) meets Jonathan.

Philip (7) meets Jonathan. Philip presented the Lego to Jonathan, and made a “welcome to our Lego club” speech.

Daniel (6) meets Jonathan. Jonathan looks the most like Daniel.

Tim (4) meets Jonathan. Tim was hoping that this baby would be a boy … he wanted a little brother. On the way into the hospital he asked if Jonathan could walk yet.

Susanna (23.5mo) meets Jonathan. Susanna was particularly interested in Jonathan, and kept close to him for much of our visit.

… and the man himself.


0 thoughts on “Meeting a New Brother

  1. Those are precious pictures, Michael and Katrina. Each of the children are already becoming part of Jonathan’s life.
    You’ve got a beautiful family. Who knows what wonderful things the Lord has in mind for them?
    Blessings and love in Christ Jesus our LORD,
    Bernie & Dar

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