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It's all Batman's Fault …

One of my sons asked for the Lego’s Batmobile: Two-Face’s Escape (#7781) for his upcoming 9th birthday. I was at Toyworld a few weeks back, and managed to buy it without any of the boys noticing. A few days ago, he changed his mind, and said he now wanted an Exo-Force set. So … in a moment of apparent brilliance, I decided to make the set available for use solely in my office by those boys that got up early, ie, before 7am. I told the boys about that yesterday … and here’s what happened today:

0450 … I get into the office
0510 … Philip (7) walks in wanting to play with Batman. He normally gets up after 7am.
0540 … Daniel (6) and Tim (4) come in, wanting to play. They normally get up after 7am and 6.30am respectively.
0550 … Matthew (8) walks in, and is very upset that he’s not first.
0630 … David (9) comes in; he normally doesn’t surface until 8am

So much for my early quiet hours in the office this morning!

As you can imagine, by the time breakfast came, I had some very hungry young men on my hands. Rather than the normal 1-2 slides of bread, here’s what we went with:

  • 2 eggs each, cooked up as a omelette, including a dripping cheese topping
  • 1-2 slides of bread
  • A banana milkshake
  • Chocolate chip muffins

I’ll say this … they couldn’t eat any more 🙂

Imagine what breakfast is going to be like when they’re teenagers!

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