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Michael Sampson

Team Collaboration Report, Aug 2

Visualizing Time-Based Events Pascal commons on the Timeline project from MIT, for the visualization of time-based events. He is interested in it for his work teaching history … It naturally triggered my curiosity as an Historian and a teacher of History. Contrary to popular beliefs, there is of […]

Work Effectiveness and Productivity Report, Aug 1

Cultivating Innovation Every employee can be a powerhouse for innovation, and entrepreneurs need to create a culture to encourage it. Guidelines in doing so: Set aside your ego. You can’t have all the good ideas. Eliminate perceived penalties for “bad ideas”. Innovation requires a bit of craziness. Hold […]

Team Collaboration Report, Aug 1

GatherPlace.NET for Web Conferencing A couple of weeks back, I had the privilege of giving Chris Brogan a run through Foldera (he’s just posted the podcast we recorded on our second talk). Although I use a Mac as my primary computer, I had set up a GoToMeeting session […]