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Collaborative Technologies Conference, Day 2

Day 2 of the Collaborative Technologies Conference is done, and day 3 is almost complete too. There has been fewer blog posts about days 2 and 3, but here’s what I’ve found. If you know of others, please advise!

Steve Borsch writes about the presentations from Linda Stone, Stowe Boyd, John Beck and Jim Ware. Stowe has notes on Linda Stone (“I remain unpersuaded …“). Irwin Lazar shares some thoughts too.

I’ve spoken to some of the people involved in my panels, and in the main, they went great. Thanks to:

  • Peter O’Kelly from the Burton Group, moderator of the Collaborative Workspaces: Key Trends session. Turns out 5 speakers *is* too many for a 45 minute speaking slot; I’ll have to remember that for the future. Lance Shaw (EMC), Luis Solis (GroupSystems), Jordan Frank (Traction Software), and Abbott Lowell (Microsoft/Groove) were the speakers. Thanks guys! Lars offers a mind map of the session.
  • Lars Ploughmann, author of the Mind This blog and collaboration consultant in the UK, moderated the Collaborative Workspaces: A Raft of Tools. Speakers were Arun Gopalan (Oracle), Richard Lusk (Foldera), Marty Moore (IBM), Derrich Beauchamp (Vignette), and Barry Jinks (Colligo). Lars wrote to me saying: “Great performance by everyone in our panel. We had good audience participation, we communicated relevant stuff, we didn’t dither unnecessarily in details, we focused on the issues and not products, and we kept to time. And we made everybody laugh a few times, which I think is very important.” Super-neat!
  • Jessica Lipnack from NetAge moderated the final session in the Collaborative Workspaces track, called Making the Transition. Jessica ran a very successful discussion panel, with Tor Eneroth (Volvo IT), Mike Wing (IBM), and David Wires (Wires Jolley). I wish I could have been there! One person wrote to me and commented “I sat in some of Jessica Lipnack’s session and it was very interactive and people seemed very engaged.” Thanks to you each. Nancy White shares her extensive notes (wow!).

I’m very proud of y’all. Thanks for your hard work leading up to and during the conference.

Presentations are available online at


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