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Collaborative Technologies Conference, Day 1

As a member of the Advisory Board for the Collaborative Technologies Conference 2006 in Boston, as well as the Track Chair for 11 of the sessions (which means I designed them and found great moderators and speakers to work them), I have “lived” CTC every day for the last 6 months. It has been really really difficult this week, then, to know that CTC is on in Boston and I’m not there. As an offset to that difficulty, however, is hearing through the blogs, by email and IM that people are finding it great.

Coverage of my Sessions from Day 1
Larry Cannell, IT Researcher at Ford Motor Company, moderated a panel on Calendaring. Yori Nelken, CEO of TimeBridge, was one of the speakers, and shares his impressions at the TimeBridge blog. Other speakers were Nathaniel Borenstein from IBM, John Robb of Zimbra, Gary Schwartz from RPI representing CalConnect, and Fran Rabuck from Airena. Alan Lepofsky wasn’t on the panel, but attended the session and shares his thoughts.

The Enterprise Collaboration Architectures track included three sessions:

  • Microsoft vs. Lotus: Comparative Analysis, presented by Peter O’Kelly and Mike Gotta from the Burton Group. Peter was happy with how it went. Alan Lepofsky (from IBM) was too. When I reviewed Peter and Mike’s slides in advanced of CTC, I told them both how impressed I was with their ability to communicate the essential points of both players as well as the points of difference. Well done again to the two of you.
  • Alternative Enterprise Collaboration Options, moderated by Mike Gotta, and with speakers from Adobe, Traction, SiteScape, Parlano and BEA Systems.
  • Open Source Collaboration Architecture for the Enterprise, moderated by Stephen O’Grady from Redmonk, and with speakers from Enomaly, CIGNEX, Zimbra and Alfresco. Alan Lepofsky has details.

Thank you to everyone in my sessions who did such a great job of speaking and discussing these topics. I’m proud of you all.

Coverage of Other Sessions
John Seely Brown talked about the Future of Collaboration. Stowe Boyd, Ross Mayfield, Steve Borsch and Lars Ploughmann share their impressions.

Mike Rhodin, GM at IBM for Notes/Domino gave one of the keynotes on Day 1. Ross Mayfield, Stowe Boyd and Lars Ploughmann have notes. Ed Brill wasn’t there, but shares his response to some of the blog posts.

Matthew Glotzbach, head of Enterprise Products at Google talked on Consumer lessons for business collaboration. Ross Mayfield writes:

He says we are moving from the office worker (1950-1980s) to knowledge worker (1980s-1990s) to self-directed innovator (21st century). These innovators need talent, direction and information (ideally photographic memory, your company’s collective wisdom and the world’s information). They are not process driven, collaborates with a broad network of friends and colleagues, has intermingled personal and work lives, needs information when not at her desk, does not spend mjority of time in a single application and tends not to be patient.

Lars Ploughmann has a mindmap.

Jeffrey Stamps and Jessica Lipnack talked about Collaborating in the networked organization. Lars Ploughmann has a mindmap with his notes

Jason Fried from 37signals talked on Agile Collaboration. Key points from Lars Ploughmann: keep your teams small, keep them apart, and make tiny decisions.


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