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Michael Sampson

Weekly Roundup of Everything, Aug 19

Team Collaboration Applications Roundup What Drives Adoption? … Michael Osterman concludes that consumers demanding new capabilities from enterprise IT departments is what gets adoption in organizations, and gives the example of instant messaging and mobile messaging. Network World on Messaging Persistent Group Messaging for Cycle Time Reduction … […]

Polytech vs. University

We were discussing around the meal table tonight with our older boys … David (10), Matthew (9) and Philip (7) … some of the things they could train for in the next decade. Katrina started to explain the difference between polytech (technical training) and university. Katrina: At polytech […]

Friends Report, Aug 15

Do a Delight Audit Jon encourages us to think back over the prior week and ask five questions: Was there a time this week that I started talking with greater excitement than usual about something and the eyes of the person I was talking to finally glazed over? […]

Team Collaboration Report, Aug 15

Norada Outlines its Development Principles George from Norada outlines the key principles/tenets that are driving the development of the next version of Solve360, its online email, calendaring and contact management application: The Web is the new desktop … people will spend more and more time working in the […]

Mobility Report, Aug 15

Omni Extends GroupWise to Nokia Series 60 Omni Technology Solutions released Version 2.2 of Omni Mobile, its wireless email solution for Novell GroupWise. The new release adds support for Nokia Series 60 smart phones, with BlackBerry and Nokia Eseries support coming in 4Q2006. Omni Mobile provides more than […]