Industry Updates

Team Collaboration Report, June 28

A stack of stuff happening at the moment:

  • Adesso Systems … Don Dodge comments on Adesso’s work in the synchronization of files and application logic. Adesso is seeking developers to build applications on top of its sync technology. Don writes: “The coolest thing I saw was a simple little utility they call Adesso Tubes. It is basically an icon on your desktop where you can drag and drop files. The Adesso Tube takes the file and distributes it to all your subscribed devices and to other people you allow to subscribe, and keeps it synchronized with future changes. This is distributed file synchronization across devices and groups with one click of the mouse.Don Dodge
  • Antepo “Rivoli” … Antepo announced the beta release of Rivoli, the code-name of the next version of OPN System, its enterprise IM and presence platform. Enables the integration of presence in Rivoli with IP telephony systems. It also natively supports SharePoint Services and Microsoft Office, with presence, IM, voice and video calling, whiteboarding, and application sharing. Beta available immediately. Antepo
  • CIBER Networks PMRx … CIBER Networks released a web-based project management virtual workspace application, for project managers, team members, clients and stakeholders. Instead of using only email as a means of communication, PMRx allows people located across the globe, as well as down the hall, to interact directly. Threaded discussions and document-sharing allow team members to collaborate effectively and create better products more efficiently. The solution promotes sharing of information and project collaboration, to effectively use all available resources. CIBER is an implementation partner of SAP. IT Backbones
  • CollectiveSoft TeamWork Live … Tuyen from CollectiveSoft reached out by email to tell me about TeamWork Live, its web-based application for team communication and collaboration. A given workspace can have multiple folders, each of which can be shared with others. “You can think of it as 37Signals’s Basecamp with wikis and personal/team calendaring functionalities integrated into it. The product overlaps somewhat with CollectiveX but is geared more towards team collaboration as opposed to social networking.” Pricing ranges from $0-$30 per user per month, and there’s a 30 day free trial available. TeamWork Live
  • Groove 2007 … Peter writes about Microsoft Office Groove 2007, and what it adds to SharePoint. “… it generally provides a lot of additional functionality in areas such as Ad-hoc collaboration, sharing information “peer-to-peer” and it allows you to take information off-line quite easily“. Peter de Haas
  • IBM Sametime Links to Office … IBM announced forthcoming links between Sametime 7.5 and Microsoft Outlook, Office and SharePoint. Will enable users to send IMs, initiate calls, share applications and launch Web conferences from within Microsoft applications. CIO
  • MindManager for Project Management … Mindjet released a new white paper on the use of its mind-mapping application for project management. It was written by Timothy Bolwerk, a trained project management professional. Mindjet (PDF, 6 pages)
  • Near-Time Update … Near-Time launched an updated version of its hosted collaboration service. “Near-Time integrates Weblogs, Wikis, calendars and shared files in a low cost, private and secure collaborative environment. It is ideal for cross organizational collaboration with colleagues, clients, partners, and suppliers. Near-Time taps into the capabilities afforded by Web 2.0 to enable people and groups to transform how they interact in powerful new ways.BusinessWire
  • Persistent with Google on Notes … Persistent Systems joined the Google Enterprise Professional program, and released a connector to link Lotus Notes with the Google Search Appliance. Integrates Lotus Notes data into Google search results. BusinessWire
  • Sun Webinar on Active Collaboration … Sun is hosting a Webinar on June 27 entitled “Using a portal to drive active collaboration”. “An effective collaboration strategy brings people together to share ideas, make decisions, improve response time and speed innovation. A portal facilitates seamless and contextual collaboration, connecting people and resources in a unified electronic platform environment.” Erica from Forrester is one of the speakers. Sun
  • Things Prime GA Server … Things Prime is working on Generic Applications Server, an all-in-one solution for collaborative applications within the enterprise. Things Prime
  • WinFS Dies … Microsoft announced that its forthcoming relational file system has been canned as a standalone delivery, and will instead be integrated into other elements of its stack, such as SQL Server. The Fishbowl, Marc Orchant, Peter Jones
  • WriteBoard Review … Jack reviews WriteBoard from 37signals, its online joint authoring and editing service. The collaboration tools are simple but effective. Click a link at the bottom of the page to add a comment and Writeboard adds the comments with the user’s name. If you select two versions of the document and click the Compare button, it shows all the edits made in the newer version. Deleted text is grayed out and new text is highlighted green. This makes it easy to follow an edit trail among many collaborators, and to know who exactly made what changes, and when. TopTechNews
  • X1 Connects with Exchange and SharePoint … X1 Technologies announced connectors to link its enterprise search platform, X1 Enterprise Platform, with data in Microsoft Exchange Server and SharePoint servers. One customer that implemented the Exchange connector to X1 found marked improvement in search results and a reduction in network traffic. The Exchange is available immediately; the SharePoint one is coming in August. X1 Technologies
  • Zimbra ZCS 3.2 … Zimbra released the Beta of Zimbra Collaboration Suite 3.2, with a number of new features, including Zimbra Quick (a fast way of setting up meetings/appointments and sending email/SMS, rather than using an input form), keyboard navigation, and new plug-in Zimlets. Available in beta immediately. Yahoo