Who Switched the Drawers?

I have 21 drawers by my office desk. These hold stationery, paper, books to read, pens and pencils, pocket knifes, old thumbdrives, book manuscripts, keys, cables, in-progress projects, client-specific items, old journals I haven’t scanned yet, charging adapters, and much more. Each drawer has a particular focus, and […]

A Better Word Than Change?

Change. Doing something different. Learning. Mastering a new area. Building new knowledge and skills. Progress. Moving forward. Usually has the sense of an envisioned destination towards which the movement is being made. Improve. Become better. Better. More desirable, satisfactory, or effective. What’s that old saying about “the only […]

Maintain and Step Up

The Stages of Change model I reference in User Adoption Strategies has a final stage called “maintenance.” The intent of this fifth stage in the model is that the change introduced is done repeatedly, not just once. That the change in behaviour becomes the new way of living […]

On Interpretation and Artistry

There is a lot of thinking and repeatable process in re-imagining effective work. Learning how to examine a current process to understand its intent, its current form, and the actors involved. Being able to introduce new information to overcome information saturation. Pulling out your binoculars and seeing the […]

From Out-Hustle to Out-Look

Fortune Magazine interviewed Dennis Lynch in early 2014 about his investment philosophy at Morgan Stanley. Key ideas: Take a long-term view in a world that thinks short-term. Markets with high growth rates offer good investment possibilities. Remember the fundamentals (long-term vision) and don’t get caught off guard by […]

Slinging Mud

I was talking with a colleague last week, and asked about a recent learning and development program on change management he attended. He said that in his discussions with prospective clients about adoption services for Office 365 he was often asked: “Is this real change management, or just […]

Envisioning a New Approach

Envisioning a new approach has two inputs: your understanding of the current reality of the work process or activity, and your newly developed understanding of what’s possible. Developing an understanding of both inputs with some degree of separation enables greater clarity of understanding due to single-tasking: you only […]