Re-Imagining Effective Work

From Out-Hustle to Out-Look

Fortune Magazine interviewed Dennis Lynch in early 2014 about his investment philosophy at Morgan Stanley. Key ideas:

  1. Take a long-term view in a world that thinks short-term.
  2. Markets with high growth rates offer good investment possibilities.
  3. Remember the fundamentals (long-term vision) and don’t get caught off guard by bumps along the road.
  4. Having someone on the investment team that studies disruptive-change is a great precaution against making stupid decisions.
  5. Uncertainty signals opportunity, especially when we have less uncertainty than others.

The article finishes with this zinger of an idea:

  • When I started out in this business, people tried to out-hustle each other, to do more research and get better information. But now everyone has so much information that there’s no advantage to having more. The challenge is to know what information is important and to look at the world differently from everyone else.
  • Given the long-run above average growth that Dennis and his team have delivered at Morgan Stanley, the core idea of looking at the world differently has paid off wonderfully.

    When re-imagining effective work, we can say the same thing. Everyone has access to the same tools. Everyone has access to the ideas around how the world is changing. The challenge is being able to look differently at the intersection of both.