Excel for Mac Plus Excel MVPs

Excel Table Talk Episode 6 Back in the early 1990s, the first client project that paid decent money (NZ$25 per hour, which my client described as “charging like a bull”) required the use of a massive spreadsheet to analyse cost flows in a small manufacturing firm. I spent […]

Onboarding and Offboarding: The Hidden Processes

There’s a whole set of activities required for effectively onboarding and offboarding new employees. People to coordinate. Processes to develop and operate efficiently. Magic moments that should just happen – because first impressions count and create memories. One of the behind-the-scenes or hidden processes involves setting up access […]

Information Protection: The What

When thinking about information protection, one of the key questions is what: what specific information should be protected? Some information doesn’t need to be protected at all, such as when it is common knowledge (2+2=4) or easily available (the name of the current leader of a country). Other […]

“Information Protection”

If you thought “collaboration” was a wiggly word with lots of definitions and places it could be used, you should try the phrase “information protection” on for size. Once you start enumerating the types and styles and approaches and consequences and implications and gotchas, you start to build […]

Even Microsoft Struggles With It

With the rate of change in Office 365, everyone is struggling with staying up to date on what’s available, what’s coming, what’s possible, what’s not working yet, and more. There’s the cognitive-only staying up to date, which can be done by some disciplined (but rather relentless) reading each […]

New Computer – 2014 vs. 2018

Several years ago I had the opportunity to help the husband and wife team of a small business go from one computer to two new laptops. They had shared one PC for a long time, and it took hours and hours to separate what was his and what […]

Microsoft Whiteboard

While a white background is a common starting experience in Microsoft’s applications, the specific capabilities of each tool both create and constrain what you can use it for. Word’s white background is for words, sentences, paragraphs and pages. Excel’s white background is for numbers and calculations and data […]