Kevin Cavanaugh: Read Pillar 4 of the 7 Pillars!

Kevin Cavanaugh, a Vice President at IBM, was one of the keynote speakers at the recent Lotusphere 2010 conference. As part of his keynote speech on the first day, he said, and I quote:

The problem that all of us deal with today is we have not one, but we have many calendars. Each keeps track of different parts of our lives, our work, our family, our social lives. And we also have many different task masters: bosses, colleagues, spouses, children, friends. We don’t need more calendars; we need a way to consolidate and adjudicate between competing events.

I am delighted (!!) to hear Kevin say this publicly. I’ve been saying it for the past 5 years … I look forward to seeing how IBM Lotus will resolve this challenge in the Vulcan-wave of offerings.

If you need some insight on what I see as being necessary, take a look at:
– Pillar 4 in the 7 Pillars framework (from 2005). It’s free.
– Read the Summary Document for the SharePoint 2007 7 Pillars analysis. The summary document has Pillar 4 for free (SharePoint doesn’t do too great).
Calendaring: Are We There Yet?, in Messaging News (July 2009). This was an update the calendaring cover story from June 2006, which is no longer online (contact me if you want a copy).

Just to make it clear … while I applaud the relationship between Tungle and IBM for calendaring in Lotus Notes, … I want to see much tighter cross-product calendaring integration within the IBM Lotus suite of products, especially Notes and Quickr, with follow-through to BlackBerry, iPhone and Android.