Industry Updates

Collaboration Scenarios (April 6, 2010)

Okay, so this is an idea … re-orienting what I’ve historically done about new products and services in line with common collaborative processes. I’m not promising to do this again, or regularly … I’m just experimenting. Comments welcome. I’ll have to re-think this layout though … it’s hard to scan.

Managing a Project
Interesting academic article from January 2009 on collaboration in software teams. Basically, the researchers looked at communication patterns within a geographically-distributed software team, and using communication patterns reasoned via social network analysis, were able to predict 70% of failed builds based on the communication pattern for a particular build.

EvoApp is a newish project collaboration service. Without signing up, however, the Web site is light on details.

Holding a Meeting
Citrix released GoToMeeting App for iPad, which enables people with an Apple iPad to join a meeting hosted via GoToMeeting.
– More at the iTunes Store.

Cisco also released an iPad app, called Cisco WebEx Meeting Center. It is free, and supports the use of voice-over-IP.

Making a Decision
SAP released SAP StreamWork, its collaboration decision-making software.
– StreamWork was called “12sprints” during the beta. See my review (from February).

Co-Authoring a Document
Why do people keeping going back to email for document co-authoring? The author suggests three reasons: change, the learning curve, and everything else.

“Virtual Collaborative Writing in the Workplace: Computer-Mediated Communication Technologies and Processes” is a new book due in May on document collaboration at work. It includes input from academics and practitioners.
– See the press release.
– Amazon has it listed for US$180. Ouch.

Requesting Feedback
Crocdoc is an online tool for collecting feedback on documents. Supports PDFs, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations.

Tracking What’s Going On
Microsoft Office Labs discussed OfficeTalk, a potential microblogging service for the enterprise.
– Research by Microsoft has shown the value of this in a business context.
– Read the original blog post.

Mobile Devices
There is renewed interest in slate form-factor devices.
– Apple shipped the first iPad’s in the United States.
– Reviews of the iPad: MercuryNews (“it’s more expensive than a netbook, but much more fun”), James Kendrick (“with a little practice, I have gotten pretty good at typing with the onscreen keyboard”, and he notes that the Stowaway Bluetooth keyboard works with the iPad for on-the-go typing), ComputerWorld (“they sold 300,000 in two days).
– If I was buying an iPad, I’d probably get a Timbuk2 bag to go with it.
– HP is teasing the world with its HP Slate ads (eg, on YouTube, A Full Mobile Experience). The video includes a demonstration of using Skype on the HP Slate.

IBM announced the Simmbook, a netbook for emerging markets. It will include access to IBM’s cloud services. Price starts at $190.
– See overview at YouTube.

Apple will talk about the iPhone 4.0 operating system later this week. Looks like a new iPhone might be coming mid-2010.