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Managing Meetings in SharePoint 2013

In my book Collaboration Roadmap (2011) I talk about managing meetings as one of the “collaboration scenarios” that can be enhanced / improved through new tools. Within the context of SharePoint 2013, AvePoint offers a Meetings App for this scenario. In the video above, Jeremy Thake (who is […]

Huddle vs. SharePoint

Ben on Cool Tools writes about his use of Huddle, and positions it against SharePoint due to Huddle’s cloud strategy: “Huddle is a great alternative to SharePoint, as we were not on the same network, intranet, or VPN. Being cloud-based, it was also easy to access from home, […]

SharePoint 2013 and User Adoption

Elaine from OBS in Australia shares her top 13 list of features in SharePoint 2013. The 13 include adding content easily, sharing content easily, access anywhere, My Task List, leveraging experts, and more. I don’t have a problem with the list, and am pleased to see that (at […]