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Managing Meetings in SharePoint 2013

In my book Collaboration Roadmap (2011) I talk about managing meetings as one of the “collaboration scenarios” that can be enhanced / improved through new tools. Within the context of SharePoint 2013, AvePoint offers a Meetings App for this scenario. In the video above, Jeremy Thake (who is now at Microsoft) overviews the capabilities of the AvePoint Meetings app.

The AvePoint description says:

AvePoint Meetings allows business users to collaborate with one another in real-time before, during, and after meetings by:
• Creating single or reoccurring meetings with “roll call” capabilities for automatic creation of attendee lists based on previous or reoccurring meeting instances
• Allowing meeting attendees to adjust and update meeting agendas as well as discussion topics
• Audit meeting attendance for greater organizational tracking and visibility
• Capturing meeting information and notes with multi-user support
• Tracking meeting minutes with full auditing, allowing for historical search capabilities
• Assigning, aggregating, and synchronizing tasks and actions

The app is available for SharePoint 2013 on-premises, as well as for use within SharePoint Online on Office 365.