Conference Notes

SharePoint Conference Australia and New Zealand: Workshops and a Session

In July I will be attending and participating in both the Australian SharePoint Conference (Sydney, July 15-16) and the New Zealand SharePoint Conference (Auckland, July 22-23), put on and coordinated by Debbie Ireland and her team at ShareThePoint.

I will be doing three things at each of the two conferences:

1. Pre-Conference Workshop on User Adoption Strategies for SharePoint. This is a full-day workshop based on my user adoption work and book, which has lots of examples of how firms using SharePoint are benefiting from a different approach to adoption. This is on Monday July 14 in Sydney and Monday July 21 in Auckland.

2. Conference Talk on Re-Imagining Effective Work. This will be on July 16 in Sydney (at 2.45pm) and July 22 in Auckland (at 11.30am). A big theme for my work this year is how we can do more than just re-create current ways of working, and instead develop the ability to see more effective approaches to getting work done.

3. Post-Conference Workshop – Collaboration Roadmap for Organisations with SharePoint. This is a full-day workshop based on my strategy / roadmap / governance work around collaboration tools, including SharePoint. The workshop is on Thursday July 17 in Sydney and Thursday July 24 in Auckland.

Registration for the two conferences are now open, as well as registration for my four workshops at the conferences. It would be great to meet you there.