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News Roundup – Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2014

I know the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2014 in Las Vegas was over a month ago, but here’s the news I saw coming out from the show (or a bit after).

  • Nintex’s 1000 Cloud Customers … Nintex announced that over 1000 customers are using its cloud-based tools for Office 365 and other cloud-based services. Nintex customers are “are embracing the Nintex mobile and cloud-based digital forms, together with the workflow systems, to drive efficiencies within operational processes and to enable a stronger management support framework.

  • Qumu’s Speech Search for SharePoint 2013 … Qumu added speech search and other new capabilities to its Video App for SharePoint 2013. “Speech Search, which is unique to Qumu’s enterprise video platform, is a revolutionary way to organize and ingest information from videos. In its embedded form within SharePoint and Qumu’s Video Control Center 7.0, users are able to search for words and phrases within individual videos and jump directly to the incidences where those words are spoken.

  • Colligo Briefcase for Mac … Colligo released Colligo Briefcase for Mac, which integrates SharePoint into the Finder application on a Mac. Capabilities: “(1) Document management: where Mac users may have previously relied on thumb drives or unmanaged emails that in turn had repercussions on version management and reconciliation of documents, Briefcase for Mac brings Mac users into the company’s SharePoint ecosystem. Documents can now be managed from creation through revision to approval with no detours; and (2) Email management: Briefcase for Mac allows users to drag and drop emails from all major email clients in order to upload and manage them through SharePoint integration with Finder. This feature also automatically extracts email metadata and uses renaming to avoid duplication.

  • Metalogix Migrates to Office 365 … Metalogix released tools to help organizations shift to Office 365, with support for email, files, and SharePoint. “Today at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2014, Metalogix is the first vendor to announce a complete solution to move email, files and SharePoint content to Microsoft Office 365. Metalogix has expanded its best of breed suite of content and collaboration tools with the announcement of Email Migrator 3.0 and Content Matrix 7.0, which work together, or independently to expedite the migration of email, files and SharePoint into Office 365 and better enable an organization’s journey to the cloud.

  • Bamboo Goes Cloud … Bamboo announced the extension of its product offerings to Office 365 and SharePoint Online, moving beyond a previously on-premises only focus. “Currently available from the Microsoft Office Store, Bamboo’s app offerings include Bamboo Quick Add for Lists, an app that allows users to quickly create and add multiple items to a tasks list all at once and in real-time, and World Clock and Weather, a free app that allows users to display current weather, forecast, and time for cities around the globe. These two apps are just the first of many planned app releases. As growth of the Office 365/SharePoint Online platforms continues to accelerate, so too will Bamboo’s commitment to developing apps that extend the platform. In addition to providing SharePoint apps, Bamboo offers a portfolio including over 70 powerful products to extend your SharePoint environment, as well as a full complement of services covering installation, configuration, training, and support to ensure that the overall design, deployment, and end user adoption of your solution is successful.
  • AvePoint Updates … AvePoint released and previewed a number of new offerings including AvePoint Online Services, Compliance Guardian, Covernance Automation, and more. While it didn’t happen at the SharePoint Conference, note that AvePoint recently raised $90 million to help fund international expansion.

  • K2 Appit and SharePoint 2013 Support … K2 released K2 Appit for delivering no-code workflows in SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online. “Appit allows users to: (1) Deliver workflow apps using no-code designers, quickly and easily from within SharePoint, (2) Add intuitive forms and data from line of business systems to deliver more full-featured apps, (3) Work with a SaaS-based offering, meaning that you can get started quickly and easily, and (4) Create mobile apps that ensure your users have the ability to take action, anywhere and any time.” K2 for SharePoint was released at the end of March 2014.

  • Nintex on Awards … Two Nintex products for Office 365 won five awards at the conference. Nintex Workflow for Office 365 won three awards, and Nintex Forms for Office 365 won two awards. “Nintex Workflow for Office 365 enables users to scale and build advanced processes on a robust cloud platform accessible from a range of devices. Nintex Forms for Office 365 offers an easy-yet-powerful way to build and manage forms that can be used by anyone inside or outside of an organization. The apps let users, developers and IT professionals automate workflows quickly and easily while maintaining power and manageability. Solutions can be built in a browser using a familiar drag-and-drop experience.

What else happened that’s worthy of a mention?

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  1. Hi Michael,

    At the last Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2014 in Vegas, Sharegate presented for the first time the beta version of its brand new Governance tool. Sharegate had only one product from the beginning, so it’s a very big moment for the company. Sharegate followed the same main goal for this new product as it did for its SharePoint migration product; to create the simplest tools for SharePoint (isn’t SharePoint complicated enough already? ;-))

    Here’s the link to the description of this new product:

    Here’s the article that announced the arrival of this new product on March 1st which is also when the conference began: