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A Box Arrives

David went to collect the mail this morning, and returned carrying the usual complement of letters … and a brown box. I asked him if it was heavy, thinking it was a bit big for the replacement DVD drive I’m waiting for. When I held it, it was […]

Chapter 11 of Seamless Teamwork Posted

There are two additional online-only chapters for Seamless Teamwork: Chapter 11, which extends the ideas of Seamless Teamwork to the Sponsors and Stakeholders site, talking about how these groups use the site that has been set up for them; and Chapter 12, which introduces the main governance issues […]

My New Blogging Strategy

My writing here has languished in the past year as I have worked on Seamless Teamwork and the other projects that fill my days (not to mention learning to type again!). And even when I did write here, most of my blogging time was devoted to abstracting what […]

Gone Fishing … back October 13

The printed edition of Seamless Teamwork is done, KMWorld has come and gone, I’ve recovered from my US trip … so it’s time for a vacation. The New Zealand countryside awaits, and more importantly, so does my family. I’ll be back on the 13th. Grace to you.

Writing a Book: Key IT Enablers

Much of the past couple of months have been spent in getting Seamless Teamwork completed. There have been 5 key IT enablers that I am very grateful for. First, my Lenovo X60 Tablet PC, running Vista Business, and connected to a 22″ monitor. I have written the final […]