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First Reviews of Seamless Teamwork … Thanks Guys!

Some of the first people to receive a copy of Seamless Teamwork have been posting comments (thanks guys!). Here’s the three I’ve seen to date:

Eric Mack

Eric writes: “You’ll learn about the capabilities of SharePoint and the lessons learned from collaborative implementations gone well and those that didn’t go so well.

I think Michael has created a practical and unbiased guide to showing how to take advantage of Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies to enhance collaboration, fuel team productivity, and improve business processes.” Eric Mack

Peter O’Kelly

Peter writes, “Seamless Teamwork is a timely and useful resource for information workers who want to understand how to use Microsoft SharePoint in order to foster effective collaboration. The book explains key SharePoint concepts and tools, along with complementary offerings from Microsoft (e.g., Outlook, OneNote, and Groove) and other software vendors (e.g., Colligo).” Peter O’Kelly

Chandima Kulathilake

Chan writes, “I recommend this book if you are a project/program manager or a team member of an organisation who has a SharePoint deployment and want to understand the context of how and when to use SharePoint to help form a team and work towards achieving an outcome. Michael’s way of writing brings home some very common scenarios that typical projects go through and outlines how SharePoint can actually help facilitate the process. It’s purely from a perspective of using the out of the box functional aspects of SharePoint and has some practical examples of how to achieve what you want without having to rely on IT or developers.” Chan Kulathilake