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WWPYCBW: Strategy and People (August 13, 2008)

Contents at a Glance – Universal McCann links its Offices – Challenges of Working Virtually – Quick Links Universal McCann links its Offices Universal McCann, a global communications firm, has been exploring social networking tools to enhance communication between its 60 offices and 3000 people. Key technologies: Microsoft […]

Thanks Chan!

I have the rest of this week to finish Seamless Teamwork … so there’s a lot of plates spinning here at the moment. But I must interrupt what I’m doing and shout out a big thanks to Chan Kulathilake from Knowledge Cue for his work in getting my […]

How to Write a Book

With the manuscript for my first book, Seamless Teamwork, almost wrapped up, I have been reflecting on the process of writing a book. If I do it again — and yes I have ideas of books that need to be written — I would do some things differently. […]

David on the Dedication for Seamless Teamwork

I read out the two draft dedications I have written for Seamless Teamwork to Katrina and my oldest son, David (12), yesterday. Katrina’s immediate reaction to the first one was “You can’t write that!”, but to the second one she said “That’s really cool!” David didn’t say anything […]

Amazon Knows About My Book!

I was speaking with Sandra, my Project Editor at Microsoft Press, earlier today and asked if my book was up on Amazon yet. She said “Yes”, and indeed it is there … and available for pre-ordering. And it’s actually available on September 24 … so we’re getting that […]