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SharePointBuzz Reviews Seamless Teamwork … Announces Contest for a Free Copy

Kanwal Khipple from SharePointBuzz published his review of Seamless Teamwork today, writing:

Seamless Teamwork is a refreshing approach to SharePoint and how to use it effectively.

This book is not for IT Professionals or Developers, rather this book is for anyone who has to work with people through SharePoint (for example: project managers, program managers, business managers, team members, information workers, end users).

Need help with finding a team, creating a shared vision and knowing your options within SharePoint, then Seamless Teamwork is worth a read.

If you are the individual who is managing SharePoint, you might want to purchase this book for those key team members who can benefit from it. Even if SharePoint was “pushed” onto your organization and you are having difficulty with making SharePoint work for you, then this is the book for you.

Kanwal is running a contest for a copy of Seamless Teamwork … head over and check out the details!