Category: Adoption & Effective Use

Colligo's White Paper on SharePoint Adoption

Colligo Networks recently published a white paper, SharePoint, ECM, and Cloud Storage Adoption (PDF). The findings in the white paper come from a survey of over 750 SharePoint professionals – the survey base is important to remember when reading the results. It’s a 15-page white paper, but is […]

User Adoption – Review of Recent News (August 2010)

A couple of recent articles on user adoption caught my attention: Six Counterintuitive Truths … Scott from Yakabod shared his views on the adoption strategy for enterprise 2.0 implementations. “Ten years of knowledge sharing deployments convince me that the rules are different for E2.0. Transactional system benchmarks just […]

Folders and Metadata: One or Both?

I find the metadata / tagging discussion interesting … should people be allowed to put things in folders, or should they use metadata / tags to differentiate between things. There are pros and cons on both sides … and I won’t re-iterate those here. But … what I […]