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Tuesday's Team Collaboration Report, Jun 6

We, the people, have to work with others to get stuff done. Often these people are not in the same physical space as us, and they may also work in a different time space. Team collaboration software and services helps us work across these distances of space and time.

NewsGator Enterprise Server 1.3

NewsGator released Version 1.3 of its Enterprise Server, its RSS platform for aggregation and distribution within the enterprise. Aim is to help enterprises use RSS as an intelligent delivery vehicle of corporate knowledge. New features: integration with SharePoint for publishing an RSS feed into a SharePoint site, group clippings, improved searching, and more. Users can read and review their RSS subscription items via a Web reader, Microsoft Outlook, or a mobile device.

Internal content such as reports, executive communications, product information, and external content such as competitive intelligence, customer data and industry matters get aggregated in easy-to-use folders. Default subscriptions can be set up for employees, who can also choose to add any additional relevant feeds. Senior executives, marketing and communications professionals, and knowledge workers can all save time and work smarter by harnessing the power of RSS.

Available immediately.

Source: Intranet Journal, NewsGator, Case Study of NewsGator at Spencer Stuart
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Microsoft Splits Office Responsibilities
Microsoft announced its Office division will be split into two groups, each headed by a new executive.

  1. Office Productivity Applications Group … headed by Antoine Leblond, as corporate VP. Includes the development and design of Office client applications … Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.
  2. Office Business Platforms Group … headed by Kurt DelBene, as corporate VP. Includes the development and design of SharePoint Server, Windows SharePoint Services, Content Management Server, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Project Server, Microsoft SharePoint Designer and Microsoft Groove.

Steven Sinofsky used to oversee both areas, but he was moved across to the Windows division.

Source: InformationWeek, CIO

On Exchange 2007
The advanced features in Exchange Server 2007, such as unified messaging via voice mail integration, will cost more than the standard version. And rightly so. Exchange 2007 will only run on 64-bit servers.

Source: ZDNet

Beta Testers for PleaseReview

PleaseTech is developing a Windows-based client to work with its PleaseReview document revision service.

For Version 1 you will be able to initiate a review on the current document within MS Word and from any document within Windows (for example, on your desktop). Word will have an additional menu item to initiate a review and a right hand mouse click on any document in Windows will enable you to ‘review with PleaseReview’.

PleaseTech is looking for beta testers for this client amongst its current subscribers.

Source: PleaseReview

Larry Reports on the SharePoint Conference 2006

Larry Cannell, IT Researcher at Ford Motor Company, attended the recent Microsoft SharePoint Conference, and he shares his thoughts and observations from the show. Key takeaways:

  • Just as Microsoft bundled Word, Excel and PowerPoint into Office and therefore drove huge adoption, so it is aiming to do with SharePoint Server 2007 which bundles/integrates/packages document management, workflow, search, business intelligence and portal capabilities.
  • Larry thinks that the records management capabilities in SharePoint will see IT managers asking whether high-end content management systems are really needed.
  • Microsoft is developing an expertise discovery module within SharePoint, for automatically building a know-what profile on individuals based on their work. This will to link others with experts inside the organization.
  • Larry wanted to hear more about (a) SharePoint’s support for third-party browsers, (b) Microsoft’s vision of RSS in the enterprise, and (c) improved rich-text editor support for wiki links.

Larry concludes:

In any case, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 should have the attention of enterprise software vendors and of companies that use Microsoft products extensively. This is a comprehensive product servicing a large portion of the digital workplace.

Source: CollaborationLoop
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