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Amplify in Sydney: What Do People Care About? What Do They Share?

In late May I will be in Sydney to speak at and present a workshop at Collective 2014. While in town, I will be presenting a separate session at the Amplify Festival:

What Do People Care About? What Do They Share?

The demand for ideas about improving user adoption of enterprise collaboration platforms remains high. People are hungry for collaboration tools and technologies at work, yet adoption of the platforms in the enterprise is often patchy, regardless of the choice of products and platforms used.

In this Amplify Talk, Michael Sampson will explore the complex social factors that underpin collaboration: What do people care about and why do they share? These emotional rather than purely rational reasons are as important in understanding the psychology of collaboration at work as it is in the broader context of social media adoption.

Michael will share tips on the transformation of work practices, content creation, culture development, the importance of job design and reward structures, the design of learning and development approaches and more that will allow individuals, teams and organisations to improve wide-spread adoption and reap the benefits of their collaboration technologies.

This session is a must for anyone who wants to succeed in the work environment of the future- either at a personal level or as leader of high-performance teams and /or geographically distributed teams, or if you are in a role where you are supporting talent and performance, communication, learning and development, change management or managing enterprise-wide platforms.

It’s on May 26 from 4pm to 5pm. Registration is required (AUD$27.50).